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An Foclóir Beag

An Irish Language dictionary

An Leabhar Mòr / The great book of gaelic

A special web exhibition of the online journal archipelago which centres around The Great Book of Gaelic. Features essays by Theo Dorgan and Malcolm Maclean, as well as a selection of twenty-two poems and images from the book.

CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

An extensive online resource for contemporary and historical Irish documents in literature, history and politics. Includes texts in English, Irish and Latin, including the Annals of the Four Masters, and the Annals of Ulster, as well as writings by Michael Collins, James Connolly, Oliver Goldsmith, John Boyle O'Reilly, amongst others.

Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA)

CSANA is a forum for Celtic Studies (in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall ) across the disciplines of languages, literature, history, folklore, music, art ,and archaeology of ancient, medieval and modern Celtic cultures. CSANA publishes and maintains a database driven bibliography begun in 1983.


Journal of the School of Celtic Studies. Full listing of contents available online from first volume (1946).

Cli Iar-Chonnachta

A publishing house specializing in Irish language texts and traditional Irish music. Ideas for book club selections, an open forum, and materials for learners of Irish.

Cois Life

A literary resource and online bookshop for Irish language publishers. The site features biographical notes of many Irish language authors, as well as book reviews and extracts, and downloadable author interviews.

Dictionary of Irish Biography

The Dictionary of Irish Biography, a collaborative project between Cambridge University Press and the Royal Irish Academy, is the most comprehensive and authoritative biographical dictionary yet published for Ireland. Over 9,000 signed biographical articles describe and assess the careers of subjects in all fields of endeavour, including politics, law, religion, literature, journalism, architecture, painting, music, the stage, science, medicine, engineering, entertainment and sport.

Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources

An integrated database and dictionary project, designed to contribute to the fields of Patristic, Medieval, Celtic, and Latin studies. Currently available on the web is a Celtic-Latin Word List.

Digital Dialects Irish Language

Free to use interactive activities for learning Irish, along with links to study resources.

Early Irish Glossaries Database

A series of three inter-related early Irish glossaries, known as Sanas Cormaic 'Cormac's Glossary', O'Mulconry's Glossary, and Dail Dromma Cetta 'the Collection of Druim Cett' which together are an important resource for our understanding of the literary and cultural environment of medieval Ireland. These glossaries are presented via The Early Irish Glossaries Database (EIGD) , a tool for searching and analysing headwords. The database currently contains headwords for each manuscript version of these glossaries, allows a listing of headwords, a search for occurrences of words, and generates concordance-tables of different versions.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Featuring over 80 manuscripts from Oxford's libraries. Quite a number are of interest to Irish scholars, including verses and tales in Irish, transcribed in 1799-1819 (MS. Ir. e. 4); 18th century Irish history and genealogy (MS. Ir. e. 6); a 15th-century miscellany of prose and verse texts in Irish and Latin (MS. Laud Misc. 610); and poems in Irish ascribed to or about St. Columba (Colum Cille), first half of the 16th century (MS. Laud Misc. 615).

Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language

This electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (eDIL) is a digital edition of the complete contents of the ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY'S Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials. In all, the Dictionary comprises 2,525 pages in 23 fascicles and approximately 35,000 entries.

Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán

'Irish On the Net' is a gateway which includes links to a variety of Irish-language sites, including translation services, Irish language schools, Irish learning on the Internet, scholarships, newspapers, songs, literature and drama.

Gaelic Dictionaries Online

A gateway linking to some dozen databases for searching in Irish, Scotch and Manx.


GaelTalk is an online Irish language course which is priced at an extremely reasonable rate. The course features tutorials with native speakers from the Gaeltacht areas of Ireland. The site also provides an impressive list of related links.

Hiberno-English Archive

This site is dedicated to the study and promotion of Hiberno-English, i.e. English that has been profoundly influenced by features of the Irish language. The site provides an introduction to the history and grammar of Hiberno-English, a small number of Hiberno-English related links, and relevant details of Hiberno-English related events, such as public lectures, radio broadcasts, etc. The main purpose of this site, however, is to create an archive of Hiberno-English words, phrases, sayings, and idioms, building on and expanding A Dictionary of Hiberno-English: The Irish Use of English (1998).

IASIL: The International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures

IASIL, founded in 1969, promotes the teaching and study of Irish literature in third-level education throughout the world. It also serves as a vehicle for bringing Irish writing to a wider audience through conferences and publications.

Irish Manuscripts Commission

Founded in 1928, The Irish Manuscripts Commission was established to report on the nature, extent and importance of collections of manuscripts and papers of literary, historical and general interest, relating to Ireland. Since the establishment of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in 1940, the publication of material in the Irish language has been the responsibility of the institute's School of Celtic Studies. It has published over 140 volumes since 1930, as well as 37 issues of the journal Analecta Hibernica where documents, unsuitable for publication in separate volumes, are made available, along with reports on manuscript collections, descriptive catalogues, lists and indexes.

Irish Script on Screen

A superb resource featuring high quality digital images of Irish manuscripts, together with relevant commentary. It is a project of the School of Celtic Studies and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. The site includes manuscripts from several institutions around Ireland, including The National Library of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and The Royal Irish Academy.

Lexicon of Old Irish

The Electronic Lexicon of Medieval Irish is a re-edited subset of the information contained in Royal Irish Academy's Dictionary of the Irish Language, deeply encoded in XML. This subset has been further supplemented with additional forms from John Strachan's Old Irish Paradigms and Glosses. Work is ongoing to update the etymologies of words that are not given a satisfactory treatment in DIL. The first volume of the Lexicon contains 1866 headwords

An Irish language bookshop featuring new and used books. Information about Irish language courses, and an open forum.

New Hibernia Review

Including Editor's Notes and a list of contents for each issue this site provides general information relating to this multidisciplinary journal of Irish Studies published by the Center for Irish Studies, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, USA.

School of Celtic Studies

The School of Celtic Studes is part of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, a publicly-funded research institute which perfoms research in fundamental areas of Celtic studies including manuscripts, language and history. Site includes information on Celtica, the school's journal, and Irish Script on Screen (ISOS), a project to digitise and present online images of Irish manuscripts.

Story of Mac Dathó's Pig

A bilingual version of The Scél Mucci Mic Dathó, or The Story of Mac Dathó's Pig, from the Ulster cycle. This HTML version, prepared by Steve Taylor, is taken from N. Kershaw Chadwick's, An Early Irish Reader (Cambridge University Press). Also has an index to proper names, and a page of related links.

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