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Christ on the Cross: Textual and Material Representations of the Passion in Medieval Ireland

Christ on the Cross is an interdisciplinary project that examines the depiction of the Passion of Christ. A database of texts and images allows the examination of the textual and material record in a relationship that reflects the environment in which their original readers would have experienced them.


An electronic history journal published by the Department of History at University College Cork. Includes articles, notices for forthcoming events, an historians' forum, and submission information.

Commentarius Rinuccinianus

An account of the nunciature of Archbishop Gianbattista Rinuccini in Ireland, written in Italy between 1661-1666 by two Irish clerics, Richard O'Ferrall and Robert O'Connell. It provides a unique insight into the political, diplomatic, religious and military history of Counter-reformation Ireland, Britain and Europe during the wars of the three kingdoms (1639-52). This online project will make available the original Latin text with English translation after January 2010.

Condolences and Funerals

An exhibition created by the National Archives of Ireland as part of its contribution to Archives Awareness Month, 2005 featuring an online exhibition of documents relating to two key national events, both of which occurred in years ending in 5: the visit of the Taoiseach, Eamon de Valera to Eduard Hempel, German Minister to Ireland, to present his condolences on the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945; and the repatriation of the remains of Sir Roger Casement, followed by his state funeral, in 1965. The documents are accompanied by short commentaries and there are links to two relevant detailed articles which explain the events and contextualise the archival material.

Database of Irish Historical Statistics

A database created as a common resource for scholars working in the field of Irish economic history edited by Jason Begley, Frank Geary, and Kevin O'Rourke. Scholars are free to download and use the data made available from this site. Statistical information covers the areas of agriculture, finance, industry, labour, population, prices, and trade. A miscellaneous section includes statistical collections such as the annual series of the number of property transactions in each year from 1708 to 1988; return of the receipts in each union in Ireland, with the expenditure on the relief of the poor, 1901-02; and salaries, wages and allowances, Public works and buildings, Ireland, 1901.

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History

De Re Militari is concerned with mediaeval military history in the broadest sense. It indexes several online articles of Irish interest. Users will have to hunt around for them, as there is no separate Irish index. Start by looking under the Books and Articles section, or the Warfare in the British Isles (1275-1500) section under Online Resources for Students and Scholars.

Dictionary of Irish Biography

The Dictionary of Irish Biography, a collaborative project between Cambridge University Press and the Royal Irish Academy, is the most comprehensive and authoritative biographical dictionary yet published for Ireland. Over 9,000 signed biographical articles describe and assess the careers of subjects in all fields of endeavour, including politics, law, religion, literature, journalism, architecture, painting, music, the stage, science, medicine, engineering, entertainment and sport.

Directory of Sources for Women's History in Ireland

A directory of information sources relating to the history of women in Ireland contains information and descriptions of over 14,000 collections and sources in 262 repositories in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. The search engine indexes records from over 14,000 collections in 262 repositories in Ireland and the North of Ireland. The directory is the result of a survey undertaken by the Women's History Project.

Discover Your National Library of Ireland: Explore, Reflect, Connect

This online exhibition is a web version of a special exhibition of images at the NLI Among the items in this online exhibition are rare manuscripts such as the fourteenth-century Book of Magauran; a 1588 deed signed by Sir Walter Raleigh; a lottery ticket from 1795, and a letter from Éamonn Ceannt to his wife Aine O'Brennan, written just a few hours before his execution in 1916.

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy is a project of the Royal Irish Academy, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Archives of Ireland. The project publishes essential source material concerning the development of Irish foreign policy since 1919. This online archive contains material from five volumes, covering the development and execution of Irish foreign policy from 1919 to 1939.

Down Survey of Ireland

This is the first digital edition of the Down Survey of Ireland. It is published by Trinity College Dublin. The project encompasses digital images of all the surviving Down Survey maps along with the written descriptions of each barony and parish that accompanied the original maps. The Historical GIS section brings together the maps and related contemporaneous sources, such as the Books of Survey and Distribution, the 1641 Depositions, and the 1659 Census in a Geographical Information System (GIS). All these sources have been georeferenced with 19th-century Ordnance Survey maps, Google Maps and satellite imagery.

Dublin Review of Books

A new online journal covering a range of subjects treated in a way that is both knowledgeable and accessible. Although the DRB is Irish in its core perspective, an interest in the literature, history and culture of Europe and the wider world also characterises its pages.

Dungarvan Museum

The Dungarvan Museum has mounted a site rich in information about the town and its environs. The website includes an impressive collection of photographs, articles, and historical documents, all freely available for download. The site also includes virtual exhibitions, and tours of the Dungavan area.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Featuring over 80 manuscripts from Oxford's libraries. Quite a number are of interest to Irish scholars, including verses and tales in Irish, transcribed in 1799-1819 (MS. Ir. e. 4); 18th century Irish history and genealogy (MS. Ir. e. 6); a 15th-century miscellany of prose and verse texts in Irish and Latin (MS. Laud Misc. 610); and poems in Irish ascribed to or about St. Columba (Colum Cille), first half of the 16th century (MS. Laud Misc. 615).

Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society / Cumann Éire san Ochtú Céad Déag

Eighteenth Century Irish Studies, founded in 1986, supports the study of all aspects of life in Ireland in the period 1690-1800. The website gives details of ECIS conferences, as well as abstracts of each volume of its annual journal.

Enhanced Parliamentary Papers on Ireland: 1801-1922

The EPPI Project is dedicated to enhancing access to and use of British Parliamentary Papers relating to Ireland from 1801 to 1922. The project involves the electronic cataloguing and full-text digitisation of some 13,700 documents (containing around 365,000 pages) from Southampton University's unique Ford Collection of Official Publications. These Parliamentary 'Blue Books' contain substantial amounts of information on Ireland and its relations with Britain: from extensive social inquiries and census enumerations, through reports on economic, educational and scientific subjects, cultural and linguistic institutions and political and military developments, to transcripts of semi-literate emigrant letters.

Estudios Irlandeses: A Journal of Irish Studies

A new scholarly journal of AEDEI, the Spanish Association for Irish Studies. Its inaugural issue was published in March 2005. The journal features articles by established and by emerging academic figures working in many countries.

Fenian Brotherhood Collection

A site dedicated to documenting the Fenians in the U.S. and Ireland. The Fenians were established in 1858 for the purpose of overthrowing British rule in Ireland and establishing an Irish Republic. This online archive consists of a finding aid documenting the manuscript collection at the American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives (ACUA) at Catholic University, and includes a rich variety of documents, such as letters to and from John O'Mahony, James Stephens, John Mitchel, O'Donovan Rossa, and other Fenian leaders, speeches; pamphlets; newspapers; chromolithographs; cartes de visit photographs; tickets; and legal records. Roster books, ledgers, and subscription lists to the United Irishmen. The bulk of the collection is concentrated in the 1860s through 1880s, but it also includes assorted newspapers and pamphlets from the 1850s to the early 1900s that address a wide range of topics in Irish history and nationalism. The site is easy to navigate, and all documents are available as page scans which are easy to read and download.

Four Courts Press

Founded in 1970, Four Courts Press is one of the leading academic publishers in Ireland. It publishes in the area of Theology, Celtic and Medieval Studies and Ecclesiastical History, Modern History, Art, Literature and Law. The Press publishes some 70 titles a year with over 500 titles in print.

Freeholders' Records

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland has digitized c.5,500 sheets from pre-1840 Freeholders' Registers and Poll Books. The site is fully searchable, and the index is linked to images.

Great Hunger Collection Online

Quinnipiac University Library has created full text digital editions of a number of books about the Irish famine. Some of the texts are from the time of the famine, others were published later in the century, up to the turn of the 20th century. Titles include 'Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent' by S. M. Hussey, and 'A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, on The Future Prospects of Ireland.' Also included in the collection is a digitized collection of 'Ireland in Pictures' by John F. Finerty. Published in 1898, the 400 photographs offer rare glimpses of Ireland of over a century ago.

Griffith's Valuation

Griffith's Valuation was the first full scale valuation of property in Ireland. It was overseen by Richard Griffith and published between 1847 and 1864. It is one of the most important surviving geological sources.

Guide to Sources Relating to Ireland and European Unity

Records from the Department of External Affairs from ca.1945-1962 relating to Irelands approach to European unity through membership of European organisations .

H-Albion Network for British and Irish History

A discussion network for British and Irish history. Includes book reviews, threaded discussion lists, and a syllabi bank.

Harold Barbour Photographs

An online exhibition from the Archives Department at University College Dublin featuring the photographs of Harold Adrian Barbour (1874-1938), a leading member of the co-operative movement in Ireland. The photographs are a selection from an album of images captured by Barbour on his trips throughout the north and west of Ireland from 1909-13.

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