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Your search returned 7 results, displaying results 1 through 7. aims to provide a focus for information and discussion about the Slieve Aughty uplands in Counties Clare and Galway in the west of Ireland. is non commercial and run by volunteers in counties Clare and Galway. The website posts 'news' and 'reading material' weekly.

Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1949

This resource provides literary, historical and cartographic perspectives of Ireland drawn from the works of fourteen Irish writers. This project is based in the Trinity Long Room Hub at the University of Dublin and was developed by Dr Charles Travis. It provides interactive mapping and timeline features for academics and the public at large interested in the intersection of Irish literary culture, history and geography.

Geographical Society of Ireland

Information about membership to the Society, as well as abstracts and indexes from the journal Irish Geography (first published in 1944) from 1995 to the present.

International Commission for the History of Towns

A page which describes the history of the publishing project, Historic Towns Atlases, which were published throughout Europe after the Second World War. The Irish atlas, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, was published in 1986.

Irish History in Maps

The history of Ireland through maps.

Irish Organisation for Geographic Information

IRLOGI is the umbrella organisation for the geographical information industry in Ireland. The site includes a Geo-Spatial Information Directory, and information about their annual conference, and other events.

Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project

Founded in June 2000, The Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project states that it provides 'a forum for discussion of Irish subjects currently poorly represented online', and 'facilitates and presents new research and projects on subjects relating to Ireland.' Includes discussion groups and links to further resources, although coverage of subject areas is patchy. The site does not seem to have been updated since September 2001.