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American Memory

A wealth of resources relating to Ireland and Irish America. Highlights include three recordings by Eamonn de Valera from the 1918-1920 period, a film from the Edison studios c 1900 entitled 'Congress of Nations' which features a Hibernian policeman, maps, sheet music, pamphlets, and scans of historical documents. Try searching under 'Ireland' or 'Irish' for a broad overview.

British Pathé

A rich source of newsreels from 1896-1976 from the British company Pathé. Films and stills are available from the website for preview and well as for purchase. Over 2000 newsreels come up under a search for 'Ireland', many from the 1920s-30s. There is much fascinating documentary footage here.

Dancing at Lughnasa: the movie

A site dedicated to the film version of Dancing at Lughnasa. Includes information about the cast and director, movie stills, and production information.

Film Ireland

Film Ireland is a glossy magazine dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and news on filmmaking and cinema, both Irish and international. Includes special reports, interviews and reviews, and features an archive of film activity in Ireland.

Irish Film & TV Research Online

Irish Film & TV Research Online is a website designed to bring together the wide diversity of research material relating to Irish-made cinema and television as well as to Irish-themed audio-visual representations produced outside of Ireland. It incorporates three searchable databases: Irish Film & Television Index; Irish Film & Television Biographies; and Irish Film & Television Bibliography. The project is based in the School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin.

Irish Film Institute

The Irish Film Institute preserves, presents and promotes film culture in Ireland through maintaining the Irish Film Archive, promoting film and television studies, and running special programmes and film events. The Institute is also the home of the Irish Film Centre.

A website and database exploring Irish fiction film production in the last twenty-five years, as well as the employment of 'Irish-ness' in American and British films in the same period. The searchable database contains over 1000 entries. There is also a space for articles, as well as letters to the editor.